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8 Best Gifts for New Parents

You’ve spent months pouring over every decision for baby and celebrating baby’s impending arrival, but what do new parents need?

If you suddenly feel stumped, you’re not alone. And we’re here to help break down what new parents can really use - and we mean things that are actually for them and not baby.

With more parents pitching in on both household and parenting duties, dual income families, and WFH-SAH (work from home-stay at home) parents, what they need is also changing. With some (ok a lot!) of research from parents, these are the things that topped our lists!

We’re letting you in on what items are ‘holy grail’ for new parents and what items really do make life with a newborn easier.




Meal subscription 

Hands down the one thing that would have made me cry actual happy tears as a new mom. In a time when parents should be resting between tending to their new baby, cooking often gets temporarily put on the backburner.



More time at home, resting from baby’s birth, and middle of the night wake ups are all reasons new parents should own a super cozy robe. It’s the ultimate gift to let someone know ‘I’m thinking of you and self-care is important…so relax, you deserve it’.
littlegiraffe- 8 Best Gifts for New Parents

Insulated water cup

You’ll use one. A lot. Remembering to do just about anything for yourself after welcoming a new baby is TOUGH. Staying hydrated is so important (especially for milk supply when breastfeeding). A good water cup can seriously make or break whether you consume enough water. Take it from me, a handle is a major plus and one that fits in any cup holder means it will actually go everywhere with you.


Personalized birth jewelry

An initial or birth flower necklace to honor the birth of your baby is a beautiful gift with a sentimental touch. I’ve gifted this to friends and family and it’s always a favorite. An ode to motherhood in a simple piece that stays close to your heart.


Super soft & cozy throw

I’ve come to appreciate a good throw and, in my opinion, you can never own too many.



You’ll find these throws on beds, couches, and chairs and my kids are always pulling a few to snuggle with or make forts.


littlegiraffe- 8 Best Gifts for New Parents


A good pair of basic black leggings have been essential to my new mom wardrobe. I’m talking buttery soft fabric, high waisted leggings that contour to your body and make you feel amazing no matter how you wear them...which likely will include at home, doctor’s visits, the grocery store, and just about everywhere else you go.


Monthly photo book subscription

Who has time to print photos when you can barely find time to shower? There are monthly photo book subscriptions that automatically print and ship photo books to your door or allow you to print straight from your camera roll. Now all those adorable new baby snapshots can actually make it into the hands of friends and family to display.


Massage gift certificate

Life changing and available at all price points. New parents spend all their time tending to baby, so it’s amazing to pamper them for a change. A massage is the perfect way to get some relaxation and maybe even a few uninterrupted hours together.