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Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Want

As a mom of 5, I absolutely LOVE buying baby shower gifts! I’ve been through it all - and it's helped me to know what a mama REALLY needs. I realized that all the things I want to give as a gift (cute outfits and little baby shoes) are actually the things mama needs THE LEAST. Shopping for a baby can be so fun!

While I LOVE to give a cute outfit as a bonus, here are some of the best gifts you can give to help her feel supported and prepared for the new baby!





These are the gifts that are often overlooked because they aren’t “fun” to give - but are the things a new mama will be the most grateful for once she brings baby home!


Breastfeeding supplies

Reusable breast pads and lactation cookies can be such a nice treat that mama won’t realize she needs until she NEEDS them. Another gift any mama will appreciate is a hands-free breast pump!

Nursing tanks

I lived in nursing tanks those first weeks! Get mama a quality white and black nursing tank and she’ll be forever thankful.

A sound machine

This is essential for getting better sleep for baby and mama!

Extra crib sheets and mattress protectors

When I first became a mom, I was shocked at how quickly we went through bedding!

Gift cards

All the new baby stuff can be overwhelming sometimes, and all too often new mamas end up with a TON of newborn stuff and then run out of necessities really quickly. A gift card helps new parents in the long run - whether it’s to a store or for ordering takeout, it can be a real gift!



These are the gifts that a new mama may not get for herself or prioritize amidst all the diapers and wipes to buy… but these are the things she will cherish forever!

littlegiraffe- Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Want

 littlegiraffe- Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Want

Little Giraffe Blanket

I remember getting one for my first son - it was the first baby thing I was gifted, and it meant so much to me. My son was in love with his blanket from day one… and he still sleeps with it 12 years later! Naturally, it was his “big brother gift” for each of his four siblings and they all sleep with their blankets every night!

A newborn photo session

Treat the new parents to a gift that will last forever!

A gift card to make a photo book



littlegiraffe- Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Want 

An infant car seat

This is a BIG one for everyday use and for that special moment of bringing baby home from the hospital.

A stroller

This gift lasts for years and is a favorite baby gear item since it grows with the family! Our stroller has gone on countless walks, picnics and vacations.

A baby carrier

Whether it’s a wrap, a sling, or a structured carrier, having something for baby wearing is a lifesaver.

A bassinet

There are some incredible bassinets out there, and it's always been my most used baby item in those early months! I loved having baby in my room for those middle of the night feedings.

A diaper genie

For the daily dirty dozen, this may be the most used baby gift ever!

A rocking chair

This was one of my favorite gifts! I didn’t think a good rocking chair mattered… but over the past 12 years, I have spent countless hours soothing and loving on my babies in my rocking chair.