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What to Pack When Traveling With Baby

My husband and I are avid travelers. Together we’ve visited over 30 countries, 40 states, and driven over 100,000 miles together. Before we had kids, we joked that we lived out of our suitcases more than we did our home!


We pride ourselves on being “packing pros” (I could literally pack a bag for anywhere in less than five minutes)—but all that has changed since we had Jude (2) and Reese (2 months). While our jet-setting life has slowed down a little and it takes me triple the amount of time to pack than it used to, I’ve learned a lot about traveling with babies. Whether we’re packing for two days or two weeks, here’s some essentials (some very obvious, some probably not) that we never leave the house without.




Diapers and wipes - This is a given—but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget! Pack as many diapers and wipes as you can, but don’t stress too hard. Depending on where you’re traveling, these are usually very easy to stock up on once you’re at your destination. I like to bring enough to last us three full days, and then buy more once we’ve settled into our hotel.

Clothes, hats, wearable blankets - Again, this is obvious but most definitely worth mentioning. The right clothes for the climate, layering pieces, hats to protect from the sun and Little Giraffe's wearable blankets are a “must-pack”. We try to always book a hotel or a rental home that has access to a washer and a dryer. That way we can do the wash once or twice and we don’t need to overpack our clothes. Packing cubes are also incredibly helpful in staying organized!

Bottles, snacks, and more snacks - Whether we’re flying or driving, we ALWAYS make sure we have plenty of snacks on hand. Crackers, granola bars, pouches, fresh fruit…bonus points if they’re “new” snacks our kid hasn’t tried before! We try to keep them on the healthier side, but every now and then we’ll treat him to a cookie or a bag of his favorite potato chips. We’re on vacation, after all!

littlegiraffe-What to Pack When Traveling With Baby

Their favorite cozy blanky - No matter how far we’re traveling, we never leave home without our Little Giraffe Luxe Blankys! Our kids love them because of how cozy and soft they are, and we love them because of their size—they’re perfect for travel! Now we need a couple of the adult sizes…

Baby toiletries - If there’s one thing I almost always forget every time we travel, it’s our two-year-old's toothbrush. Now I make sure to always pack up a special toiletry bag for our kids, with baby lotion, soap, sunblock, diaper cream… and of course, the toothbrush.

Stroller and/or carrier - Think through your destination and your itinerary, and what makes the most sense to bring. When we travel to big cities like Chicago or New York, it can be easier to wear your baby in a carrier than lug a big stroller around. This really comes down to preference though, bring whatever you feel most comfortable with!

Sound machine - We have a small, portable sound machine that’s gone all over the world with us. It’s been a gamechanger on long travel days when we need to drown out noisy airports, or in small hotel rooms when we want to watch tv and our kid(s) are sleeping right at our feet!

Pacifiers - If there’s one thing our toddler can’t sleep without, it’s his paci’s. They help calm him down and soothe him to sleep…and they keep him quiet. ;) Amazingly they also help with the pressure build up in ears on an airplane. I pack a couple in his little suitcase, and then keep one or two in my purse as well.

littlegiraffe-What to Pack When Traveling With Baby


A Cuddle Boo - Little Giraffe Cuddle Boos are not only soft and cozy like their blankets, but they bring endless joy and entertainment to both of our littles! Reese loves to gnaw on the teether, and Jude likes to show his Cuddle Boo all the cars and trucks we pass on the road. They’re the cutest, cuddliest little travelers (besides our kids, of course)!

A sense of humor - Even though it’s at the end of our list, a sense of humor might be the most important of all. Traveling with babies and toddlers is chaotic and messy and honestly downright hilarious at times! Find joy in the midst of the chaos and remember—you’re doing amazing. These are memories you and your family will cherish forever!