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Retailer Spotlight: Layla Grayce

Today’s Retailer Spotlight features Wendy Rossiter Estes and Tiffany Grayce Harris, the ultra-stylish founders of online boutique LaylaGrayce.  In addition to owning and operating the ultimate shopper’s delight, both ladies are busy working moms. 

Little Giraffe Retailer Spotlight Questions

Please tell us a bit about Layla Grayce and what influenced you to start your own business? 

Wendy:  Layla Grayce is an online furnishings boutique for home and child. We carefully selecting every product, artisan and manufacturer to ensure their business philosophies and craftsmanship are worthy of our customers’ home and lifestyle. Tiffany and I were at a crossroads in both life and career when we started Layla Grayce. Like many stay-at-home moms, we wanted to have a small little business on the side, work from home and be with our kids. With an office, customer service and interior designers on staff we obviously failed at that concept. We underestimated what Layla Grayce would be or could be but both of us were dedicated to make it a success and we’re so incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from family and friends over the years.

Describe your personal style and how it affects your buying decisions? 

Tiffany:  My personal style is modern traditional and I appreciate value and quality.  As buyers, our motto is; “If it isn’t good enough for our home, it isn’t good enough for our customers.”  Our goal is to narrow down the unlimited options available in the marketplace and only offer the best pieces.  Our selections must meet our high personal standards including great design, quality and value.  

What current trends are you the most excited about? 

Wendy:  The new Pantone color of the year, Tangerine Tango! I haven’t been emotionally charged by orange but I think we’re going to see some wonderful color combinations coming soon by way of products, and it’s growing on me. I’m also excited for environmentally friendly furnishings. Admittedly, I’m not as “green” as some; however, with a multitude of sustainable, strong design options it can now be a conscious decision.

What can we expect from your company in the future? 

Tiffany:  Layla Grayce is always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology and give the best customer experience possible.  We hope to add more features to make shopping more enjoyable and interactive on our website in the future.  Staying up with social media will continue to be a big part of our business.  Who knows, perhaps a store, a catalog, maybe manufacturing our own products?

What are your favorite picks from the Little Giraffe and Giraffe at Home collections? 

Tiffany:  There are so many that it is difficult to narrow down! My twin’s favorite blanket is the Bella Blanket.  The newly introduced gift sets are my new go to gifts for expectant mothers.  Personally, I love to cozy up with the Luxe throw each night.

Wendy:  From Little Giraffe, I’m especially enjoying the Bella collection.  Some of my favorite Little Giraffe items right now are Bella Brocade Blanket, Dream Sack, Luxe Duo Geometric Circle Hooded Towel, Muslin Swaddle Blankets,Little G Plush Giraffe, and the signature Luxe double throw from Giraffe At Home.      

Seven Secrets about Wendy & Tiffany:

Our favorite thing to give as a gift is: 

Tiffany: The actual item depends on the recipient  

Wendy:  Anything personalized. This year I’m giving personalized iPad and laptop covers.

Our guilty pleasure: 

Tiffany: Spa treatments

Wendy:  Salted dark chocolate

Websites that inspire us: 

Tiffany: Anthropologie, InStyle, Ladies Who Launch

Wendy: Pinterest, ElleDecor,

Favorite city in the world: 

Tiffany: Paris

Wendy: Seaside, FL

How we celebrated my most recent birthday: 

Tiffany: Beach vacation getaway

Wendy: Cyber Tuesday fell on my birthday this year so I spent the day at the office in Pasadena helping our order fulfillment dept wrap gifts. The girls brought in Pinkberry frozen yogurt topped with candles.

We cannot live without our: 

Tiffany: High-speed internet access!!!

Wendy:  Humor & chocolate chip cookies

Money is no object when it comes to: 

Tiffany: Quality

Wendy:  A good foot massage or day at the spa.

One thing you don’t know about us is: 

Tiffany:  we backpacked through Europe together at age 19

Wendy:  I’m prohibited from inviting anyone in to play Words with Friends because I have too many games active (think 20 is the max).


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