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Retailer Spotlight: Joely Beck of "Dream a Little Dream with Me"

We're delighted to start the first of our "Retailer Spotlight" series with Joely Beck, the fabulous Founder of Dream a Little Dream With Me. This great online shop carries a huge selection of Little Giraffe products, as well as other goodies including furniture, bedding, clothing, robes and gifts for the children you love. They also offer Free Shipping! We love Dream a Little Dream with Me, and we know you will too.

We chatted with Joely to learn more about her...

Please tell us a bit about Dream a Little Dream With Me and what influenced you to start your own business?

I've always been an entrepreneur, even as a young child selling things door to door in our neighborhood. My boys and their love for Little Giraffe blankets influenced me to start working in the boutique retail industry. Dream a Little Dream started on a very small scale and I quickly learned that I couldn't compete with the larger retailers unless I stayed small and specialized in the products that I carried. The larger retailers aren't familiar with the products like I am... and many customer service reps aren't moms with children that are very attached to a blanket or blankie, so I have the knowledge and understanding that keeps my customers loyal to my shop. Many of my customers have shopped with Dream for almost 7 years now, and they know that they can call me directly whenever they need to!

Describe your personal style and how it affects your buying decisions?

My personal style is no-nonsense and practical with purpose. I believe that quality costs, and I tend to like products that are well-made and have an average to high price tag, because I know it will last.

What current trends are you the most excited about?

The only trend I can think of is the "Save the Boobies" wristbands and those Silly Bands that are shaped into sports shapes and numbers, but Silly Bands don't really excite me... they're like Legos - all over the house.

What can we expect from your company in the future?

You can expect for us to stay the same... I never want to be the huge company without the personal touch. You can expect to find ANYTHING Little Giraffe on our site and if it's not on our site, we can get it for you. You'll always find the best accessories to coordinate with the latest Little Giraffe Collections. And, as an authorized retailer, you will always find the best prices and free shipping in the 48 states.

What are your favorite picks from the Little Giraffe and Giraffe at Home collections?

I'll let my 2 year old daughter pick my favorite Little Giraffe picks - it's satin, anything satin! Luxe and Satin Receiving Blankets, Satin Pillowcases and Satin Nap Pillows... From Giraffe at Home, I have to say the Luxe Coverlet, Satin Back - I can't sleep without it - it's my adult blankie!

Seven Secrets about Joely Beck: My favorite thing to give as a gift is: Little Giraffe Luxe, my no brainer or Starbucks gift cards.

My guilty pleasure: Diet Dr Pepper with a splash of vanilla from Sonic. Yum!

Websites that inspire me: - I can spend hours reading Deb's blog. A true friend and an amazing photographer and inspiration.

Favorite city in the world: I'm really not a city girl. I'd have to say that my favorite city is more like a spot on the map. Mal Pais in Costa Rica. Before my family life, I camped there with a few friends about 10 years ago and I'll never forget it.

How I celebrated my most recent birthday: Which day? I use the term birthweek! Celebrate life and another year - lunches with friends, family dinners. It's always a great week.

One thing you don’t know about me is: Complete Reality TV junkie! Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice - I DVR them all and watch them at the end of the night.

Thanks for chatting Joely... Really fun to learn more about your business and what makes Dream a Little Dream with Me unique!


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