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Toddler Meal Ideas


Read on to learn why and how to adjust your little LOVE's menu accordingly.

*As with everything, please consult your pediatrician before incorporating these into your baby’s mealtimes.


Eating seasonally is not only great for you and your little LOVE’s health, but also helps farmers, the planet, and most importantly, makes mealtime fresher and more delicious than ever! As baby adapts to the world of solid foods (don’t they grow so quickly?), you’ll want to keep this list of ways to keep your kitchen blooming with Spring foods. WHAT’S FRESH: Apples, Bananas, Pears, Peas, Strawberries Spring brings along all things colorful, and for all the right reasons. As the weather warms up, the sun stays out longer to give us beautiful flowers. This season is really fruit’s time to shine.

Give your darling naturally sweet treats such as apples, bananas, strawberries, and pears along with spinach, and peas – the go-to baby food ingredient. Mix it up! Jazz up apple sauce by mashing up ripe bananas and combining the two. Tip: microwave the banana just for a few seconds to make the mashing process quicker! Introduce your little one to classic combos such as strawberry-banana. Mash together a banana and a couple strawberries. Mix the two; add a dash of juice, breast milk, regular milk, or water. Be extra careful to strain the puree through a tight mesh or cheesecloth to avoid seeds and fibers during mealtime. (Here at Little Giraffe, we are always concerned with providing gentle comfort for little ones everywhere!) For a more interesting fruit puree, bring some pears to boil and squish them up. Add some steamed and mashed peas to the mix for extra nutrition. Greens are good for everyone, especially baby! Just like the touch of sweetness in our grown-up kale smoothies, the pears make the peas a bit more flavorful for your little LOVE to enjoy. Happy Blooming!


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