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Swaddling Tips for Newborns

When done correctly, swaddling is an effective tool to keep your newborn calm for a better sleep. Just like adults have routines before going to bed (i.e. brushing teeth, making herbal tea, dimming the lights…), babies are also sensitive to rituals that signal bedtime. Swaddling is a popular practice that can guide your little LOVE into a peaceful slumber.

Not sure how to begin? Here are a few swaddling tips and resources:

Tip #1

For a successful swaddle, ensure that you aren’t swaddling your baby all day, as this defeats the whole purpose; swaddling is a positive reinforcement for letting baby know it’s officially bedtime.

Tip #2

Swaddling challenged? Shout out to, for this helpful article with a step-by-step guide: How to Swaddle a Baby

Tip #3

Be aware of what your baby is wearing underneath the swaddle blanket. Adjusting for climate and interior room temperature is key to a successful slumber.

Tip #4

When your little darling intentionally starts to try and roll over, this is your signal to stop swaddling. As development progresses, your baby will eventually wiggle out of the swaddle, which is totally expected. Most babies “graduate” from the swaddling process at 2–3 months.


Below you will find some of our best-selling swaddle blankets to get you started!


1. Marrakech™ Frayed Edge Blanket

Tell your own color story with our dual-sided Marrakech™ Frayed Edge Blanket. The ethereal frayed edges and super tight weave of this blanket keeps baby snug as a bug, and also doubles as a nursing or stroller cover.

Mom kissing baby in swaddle blanket


2. Airie™ Promenade Swaddle Blanket
Surround baby in featherlight comfort with our chic Airie™ Promenade Swaddle Blanket. Our luxuriously soft jersey performance fabric has plenty of give, making it a dream, not only for baby, but for swaddle-challenged parents too! Airie™ is modeled after high quality workout fabrics, so it provides superior breathability, is hypoallergenic, and regulates temperature with moisture wicking properties.


3. Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Wrap and tuck baby in our breathable Muslin. The perfect swaddle blanket for a tranquil sleep, the relaxed, soft finish is retained, even after multiple washings. Our sweet prints are right on trend and pack easily for family outings.

Blankets Hanging


Already bundling up your little one in our swaddle blankets? We’d love to hear your success stories along with which product you LOVE the most! Let us know in the comments below, or email us at